Classic Vehicles and Vintage Transport

We are super excited that we will once again be hosting a classic vehicle area at all our RetroFest events 2020.  Alongside this we will also be hosting a vintage transport area.

Classic Vehicles

At RetroFest we will hosting a classic vehicle area where you can expect to see some beautiful vintage and retro cars, bikes, vans and campers.

Come and chat to the owners, and learn about the different types of vehicles from the 1920s through to the 1980s.

If you would like to exhibit in our classic vehicle area, please click for more information and booking forms

Classic Vehicles at Retrofest Events UK
Classic vehicles at Retrofest events UK

Other Vintage Transport

This year at RetroFest we will also be hosting an area for steam and commercial vehicles.


Here you will be able to see stationary engines, miniature steam, vintage tractors plus many others. You will be able to look around the many exhibits and chat to the owners who will be more than happy to share stories and the history with you.

If you would like to exhibit in our vintage transport area, please either e-mail us or complete the contact form. Let us know the details of your exhibit and the event/s you would like to bring it to.